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Hidden Camera Viral Ads From The Past Decade

It is always interesting and intriguing to see how regular people react in unpredictable situations, that’s why spy cams are still popular in commercials. To show great examples of hidden camera ads and hopefully inspire some of my readers, I’ve collected in this post really creative ads, where the main hero or heroes doesn’t know that they were filmed with the purpose of promotion of a product or company. Enjoy!

1. A Dramatic Surprise on a quite square

2. A Dramatic Surprise on a ice-cold day

3. Domino effect on the square in France

4. Challenge for the couples by Heiniken

5. Interview by Hainiken

6. Another Interview with use of hidden camera

7. Hidden camera in the elevator

8. Super Bowl ad by Budlight


9. Stress test in the airport

10. Uncle Drew


11. Safest Test Drive

12. Hidden camera by Ford

13. Drunk Valet

14. Heiniken, it’is all about friendship

15. Standing up for a friend


16. Carlsberg Challenge

17. Have you ever played WatchDogs?

18. Volvo Valet Parking Prank

19. Coca Cola for Happiness

20. Carrie Movie Promotion

21. Ring Movie Commercial

22. How to use competitors to promote your business?

Bonus: Security camera ad by LG